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United Nations General AssemblyCommittee on Conferences


The Committee advises the General Assembly on all matters pertaining to the organisation of UN conferences. Its mandate includes:

  • To advise the General Assembly on the calendar of conferences;
  • To act on behalf of the General Assembly in dealing with departures from the approved calendar of conferences that have administrative and financial implications;
  • To recommend to the General Assembly means to provide the optimum apportionment of conference resources, facilities and services, including documentation, in order to ensure their most efficient and effective use;
  • To advise the General Assembly on the current and future requirements of the Organization for conference services, facilities and documentation;
  • To advise the General Assembly on means to ensure improved coordination of conferences within the United Nations system, including conference services and facilities, and to conduct the appropriate consultations in that regard.
  • To monitor the implementation of all General Assembly resolutions on the organization and servicing of, and documentation for, conferences and meetings;
  • To monitor the policy of the Organization on publications, with the assistance of the Publications Board of the Secretariat and taking into account the positions adopted by the Committee on Information and other relevant bodies;
  • To report annually to the General Assembly.

The Committee on Conferences was established by the General Assembly on 18 December 1974, pursuant to resolution 3351 (XXIX). On 21 December 1988, by resolution 43/222B, the General Assembly decided to retain the Committee on Conferences as a permanent subsidiary organ.

* * * * *

2017 Session

  • At its 413th meeting, on 4 September 1998, the Committee took the decision to request the Secretariat to convene a briefing to members prior to its substantive session. The Secretariat proposes to organize brifings, as required, and on topics of interest to the Members, after the report of the Secretary-General is issued in July. The briefing to the Members is scheduled for Wednesday, 30 August 2017 in S-2727 at the Secretariat Building.
  • The substantive session for 2017 is scheduled from 5 to 11 September 2017.

* * * * *


At its 84th plenary meeting, on 21 December 1988, the General Assembly decided that the Committee on Conferences shall be composed of twenty-one members to be appointed by the President of the General Assembly, after consultations with the chairmen of regional groups, for a period of three years, on the basis of the following geographical distribution:

  • Six from African States;
  • Five from Asian States;
  • Four from Latin American and Caribbean States;
  • Two from Eastern European States;
  • Four from Western European and other States.

* * * * *

Bureau (2017-2018)


H.E. Mr. Lewis G. Brown (Liberia)


Mr. Fabrice Fize (France)
Mr. Abbas Yazdani (Islamic Republic of Iran)
Ms. Christine Renee Bailey (Jamaica)


Mrs. Rita Le Diffard (Hungary)

* * * * *


Ms. Xin Tong-Maywald is the Secretary of the Committee and Chief, Meetings Management Section, Department for General Assembly and Conference Management.

Ms. Alice Grimason-Fuchs is the Deputy Secretary of the Committee and Conference Affairs Officer, Meetings Management Section, Department for General Assembly and Conference Management.

Contact Information

The offices of staff members of the Secretariat for the Committee on Conferences are located on the 12th floor, Flex Work Space of the Secretariat Building.