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United Nations General AssemblyCommittee on Conferences


Dates of 2014 Sessions

  • The organizational session for 2014 of the Committee on Conferences was held on Wednesday, 23 April 2014, at 15:00, in Conference Room 5 (NLB);
    • A summary of the session can be found on page 22 in the Journal.
  • The Committee's substantive session will be held from Tuesday, 2 September 2014 to Monday, 8 September 2014 in Conference Room 5 (NLB), once again, in a PaperSmart format;
    • The session will consider a draft resolution, which will be included in the Report of the Committee on Conferences, and will then be considered by the Fifth Committee, with a view to recommending it to the General Assembly for adoption at its sixty-ninth session.

* * * * *


The Committee on Conferences was established by the General Assembly on 18 December 1974, pursuant to resolution 3351 (XXIX). On 21 December 1988, by resolution 43/222B, the General Assembly decided to retain the Committee on Conferences as a permanent subsidiary organ. The Committee advises the General Assembly on all matters pertaining to the organization of United Nations conferences and is composed of 21 members:

  • Six from African States;
  • Five from Asian States;
  • Four from Latin American and Caribbean States;
  • Two from Eastern European States;
  • Four from Western European and other States.

* * * * *

Bureau (2014)


Mr. Yotam Goren (Israel)


Ms. Ljilja Grgić-Stojanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Mr. Eduardo López (Peru)

* * * * *


Ms. Liya Zhang is the Secretary of the Committee, and Chief, Meetings Management Section of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management.

Ms. Jocelyn Turner is the Deputy-Secretary of the Committee, and Conference Affairs Officer, Meetings Management Section of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management.

Contact Information

The offices of the Secretariat staff members of the Committee are located on the east side of the 12th floor, Secretariat Building.